The Interior Plains

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Interior Plains

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The Interior Plains is located in the western part of Canada. It covers most of Alberta and Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and a small part of Yukon. It extends from the 49th parallel (US border), to the Arctic Ocean. You will have so many places to visit, you cannot miss out!

How old is the Interior Plains?...OLD!

The Interior Plains was formed when cratons collided and welded together 1.9 billion years ago. There were shallow seas which existed about 570 million years ago during the Palaeozoic Era continued into the Mesozoic Era up to 66 million years ago. The Interior Plains is great spot to see things billions of years old up close and personal!

How were the Interior Plains made?

The interior plains was covered by shallow inland seas about 500 years ago. Eroded sediments from the shield and rocky mountains were deposited in these seas during the Cenozoic Era millions of years ago. Overtime the sediments were compressed by the weight of the layers above into sedimentary rock.

Do you know how Beautiful these rocks are?

The one rock you will find here is the Sedimentary Rock.

Sedimentary Rock - Made by deposition of minerals formed by erosion. These rocks were also formed by sediments deposited over time, usually as layers at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Sedimentary rock also hold precious oil minerals and mineral deposits. Sedimentary rock is one of a kind, you need to come and check it out.

Along with the Sedimentary Rock you will find many types mineral deposits from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras.

You will not find anything like this but here, rocks millions even billions of years old, there is no reason for you not to come.

Here are some beautiful places to visit!

The Interior Plains have many great attractions to offer. A mixture between great views and great activities, you might end up with a hard time deciding where to go to first! We have decided on three specific places that you need to visit.

The interior plains is just gorgeous!

In conclusion, the Interior Plains geography and physical state is absolutely stunning and beautiful! The plains measure at a whopping 20km, covering parts of Canada and a parts of USA. The Plains are very flat, steep, and filled with bodies of grass lands, with very minimal hills. The interior plains are very diverse in colours just like it came out from a picture, like luscious green grasses, deep blue skies and yellows, golden colours. The interior plains have some water bodies not too huge. The interior plains are more than 500 million years old and took time to look like how it looks today.