February News

Try this app!

Happy February! I thought I'd share a fun app that's been a big hit with students. It's called Flashnote Derby and it's available from iTunes or Google Play. This game challenges students to identify notes on the staff, but in a much more appealing way than simply using flashcards. You also have the option to select only the notes that your child would know. It's $2.99, but is worth every bit of it!


Saturday, Feb. 27th, 9am-12:30pm

1700 Wade Hampton Boulevard

Greenville, SC

  • This event is for the students who signed up for it last Fall.

  • The Festival will take place in the Gustafson Fine Arts building on the campus of BJU.

  • Individual performance times will be announced later this month.

On a personal note...

As you may already know, I will be gone on maternity leave from March until June. I wanted to express just how much I will miss teaching your children during that time! I will especially miss the students that I will no longer have the privilege of teaching when I return on my limited teaching schedule. Each student has been a tremendous joy to work with. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to help nurture your child's love for music!

Dates to remember

  • Feb. 15-20: Skillmasters class week
  • Feb. 27: NFMC