Calcium Carbonate-Chalk-CaCO3

The theme of the mole is sidewalk chalk. This is shown through the colorful chalk drawn over the body, the designs are ones you might see on a sidewalk that kids draw. The bright colored feet and colored string tail add to the sidewalk/kid fun idea.

Uses & Purposes

Active ingredient in agricultural lime

Used as calcium supplement or antacid

To raise pH levels in soils with high acidity

Cleaning & Polishing

Fingerprint powder

Phosphate buffer in hemodialysis patients

Draw on rough surfaces(blackboard, pavement)

Used on hands and feet to reduce slipping and get rid of sweat (gymnasts)

To mark boundary lines on fields

Molar Mass= 100.09 +/- 0.01g/mol

Interesting Fact

Ants won't cross a line drawn with chalk because the calcium carbonate will puncture their skin and they will die of dehydration.

Physical & Chemical Properties




Reacts with strong acids, releasing carbon dioxide


Materials, Construction & Final Product