Dissapearing Soil in Lesotho

By: Anna Hou

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a natural occuring process that washes away soil by water, wind, or tillage. But soil erosion can increase beacause of man made problems. For example, not farming different vegetation on the land, exahausting the soil by overgrazing it, and even by subsistence farming is one of the reasons why soil erosion is happening more often. The result of soil erosion? Infertile soil.

Cause & Effect

There are multiple causes of soil erosion and one of the biggest one is not nature......it`s us humans! Humans have been contributing to the cause, and have not known that they are. Humans have been continuously farming, overgrazing, and having poor methods of farming. When you continuously farm or overgraze the land, you restrict the nutrients and the structure of the soil from properly regenerating. Since the soil loses its viability, wind , water, or gravity can blow away the soil, resulting in soil erosion. Along the way, the soil could destroy many homes of animals by, destroying the land they would build there house on ,or any trees that would serve as a home. But, nature also has her part in this process. Lesotho has a mountainous terrain, strong winds, and high rainfall, making Lesotho one of the worst cases of soil erosion in southern and central Africa.


A viable solution to soil erosion is proper drainage. Looking for natural places where water tends to flow and augmenting them with trenches, gutters or perforated piping can reduce soil erosion. Pinpointing any areas where water might gather, and filling those areas by using rocks or building up the soil can also help. If possible, using underground tubing to keep the soil from becoming waterlogged. Doing so will reduce and prevent soil erosion.

Soil Lifesavers

Soil Lifesavers is a organization where we help save soil. We are glad to tell you that because of our friends, we have raised a lot of money. We will now be able to go to Lesotho to help the people and build trenches, gutters, and perforated piping. It will help prevent and reduce soil erosion. Volunteer sign ups will begin on February 7th, 2013. Please come join us to save soil!