National Rifle Association

Do not fall for the falseness of "positive" Gun Control!!

Gun Control Laws are a Violation of the 2nd Amendment

- 2nd Amendment is one of the first fundamental rights given to Americans
- Gun control is the first step to eradicating private gun ownership
- Get out and vote and join the NRA to protect your right to bear arms!

Do not let the Government take your rights!

- The Government wants to take away our right to bear arms!
- They say that guns kill people, and people aren't at fault!
- The Brady Campaign to prevent Handgun Violence is just a fancy way of saying, "Take away all the guns"!
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Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence Seeks to stop all sale, ownership, and use of privately owned handguns

Main points behind their message

  1. Most American homicides are committed with privately owned or stolen handguns
  2. Handgun crime rates in the U.S are 3x higher than anywhere else in the world
  3. Handgun violence is still on the rise in the U.S despite limited gun control