purple loosestrife

scientific name and common name :

lyhthrum salicaria and blooming sally.

physical description :

the flowers are reddish purple , 10 - 20mm diameter with 6 petel and 12 stamens and are cluster tightly in the axis of bracts or leaves.

birth place :

Europe and Asia

method of transportation :

arrive in north america as early as the 1800s has spread across the 48 united states and Canada with the exclusive Texas.

last seen :

was last seen growing in spring flied.
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crimes :

costing a bundle for taxpayers to control chocking and the deliberate take over of native plants stealing land , homes , water and found from wildlife invading open lands roadsides , waterways and recreation areas.


controlling the spread of purple loose strife is crucial to protecting vital fish, wildlife and native plant habitat purple loose strife can easily spread if improper control methods are used.
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