by Robert Liparulo

Book Review

In book Frenzy by Robert Liparulo, the story is about a family living in this house and there mom get taken into a portal by Takisdaen, and they're trying to find her. The main characters are Dad, Mom, Xander, David, Toria, Keal, Takisdaen, and Phemus. Phemus and Takisdaen kidnapps Mom and Xander, David Toria, Keal, and Dad tries to go find her her. David and Xander gets into a lot of problems. They both almost died and David gets brutally hurt. They go through many different portals and some was even life threatening. My favorite character is David because he been through so much and still wanted to go save his mom. He had his ups and downs but he still wanted to save his mom.

Yes I can relate to Xander, the most important thing to him was his family and making sure they are alright. He always had his brother back in every portal they went to. No I haven’t felt anything like they have all that pain and suffering and I hope I don’t every go through what they been through. I loved this book it had me wanting to read more of it because it was that good. It started off a little slow, but overall it’s a great book. My favorite part of the book is when they Takisdaen come from the portal to their home and they collide and start fighting.

Yes, I strongly recommend people to read this book that likes mystacial, action, and suspense. This book had me at the edge of my seat, and it had a lot of action in it. It starts of a little slow but, it gets really good throughout the book.

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