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FM9 Student-Led News Source, December 21st, 2016

Happy Holidays & a Great New Year!

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Time to Rally the Jaguar Nation

Your Jaguar football team needs your help! Our very own Flower Mound Jaguar is up for an award! The winners are selected by voting, so we encourage everyone to spread the word and vote!

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Super Team:

Packing Life Hacks

Holiday break starts at twelve-fifteen today! We know some people might be going on vacation over the two week break whether it’s to visit family or just for fun. We have put a list together of helpful packing hacks to make traveling during this busy time easier.


Roll your clothes.

Rolling your clothes will help you save space in your suitcase so you might even be able to fit presents in there! Also, rolling your clothes helps to keep your clothes wrinkle free.

Hack 2:

Double bag toiletries

If you double bag your toiletries, it will keep them fresher and will prevent spills.

Hack 3:

Put shower caps over shoes.

If you pack shoes in your suitcase and don’t want them to get everything else dirty, put a shower cap over the soles of your shoes.

Hack 4:

Store bobby pins in tic tac container

This will keep them organized and you won’t loose them!

Hack 5:

Use a pill organizer to store jewelry

If you do this, your jewelry will be more organized and you’ll be able to find it easily. This may also prevent it from getting stolen.

Hack 6:

To keep a bottle from leaking, put plastic wrap under the lid

Everyone hates when you open your suitcase and a lotion or a shampoo bottle has leaked everywhere. To prevent this, put plastic wrap on top of the uncapped bottle, and screw the lid on.

Hack 7:

Add a dryer sheet to keep your packings fresh.

Even when you have dirty clothes in your suitcase, everything will still smell fresh and clean if you put in a dryer sheet.

We hope you all have a great break!! Spend time with family and friends and enjoy your days off! Safe travels!

Written by: Katie Timms and Victoria Reeh

Signing off until 2017!!