~Victorian Era Fashion~

By Kylie and Stephanie

Victorian Era V.S Today Fashion


  • Women of the Victorian Era wore full skirts that were supported by petticoats that were made of horse hair or stiffened with can and padding.
  • 1865-1869 the skirt became unpopular and was replaced by a framework known as a bustle. After a while, the pobraise was born. A pobraise is a bodice and overskirt in one garmet, in many shapes or styles. In 1877, the bustle had deminished from the wire frames of wire of earlier to a small pad or nothing at all. These skirts had strings inside to hold together the front to the legs leaving the back like a train. 1883-1889 The bustle came back a vengance. The skirts were slim in the front but remained bigger in the back. In 1890, the bustle disappered for good.


The men wore a vest covered by a frock with a coat with a top hat. They wore trousers that had stripes or often wore checks. There accessories was a cravet and a pocket watch.

Modern Style

Today, People dont wear things that were much simalar in the Victorain Era. We waer things such as, Blouses, Hoodies, Sweaters, Skinny Jeans, Skirts, Shorts, etc.

Queens however, Some of them still wear Big dresses.