Millau Bridge

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The Millau bridge

Did you know the Millau bridge is higher than the Eiffel Tower. The Millau bridge weighs 36,000 tonnes which is 79366414.4 in pounds. The Millau bridge is admired because of the hard work ,construction and most important the history behind it.
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The construction

The construction of the Millau bridge was difficult but successful."construction started October 16 2001".( It was constructed because it was hard to get to and from Spain. (" The roadway was built on either side of the valley and rolled into position in the center".( the bridge was done it was a cable stayed bridge and it was opened in 2004.(

Admiration towards the Millau bridge

The Millau bridge is admired because of it's hard work paying off. It affected the crossing because instead of going around Spain or France.(highest Lord foster said he designed the bridge to the "beauty of the alley".("president jaques Chirac honored lord foster for designing the bridge ".( People all around the world admire it to this day because it's beauty, quality and making life Easier.(
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Fun facts

The Millau bridge Is the highest/tallest bridge in the world.( It has 7 cable stayed "sails"and an elegant road deck.( It weighs 36,000 tonnes and its worth 524 million dollars.( It also took 3 years to complete and its 980 above the valley floor. (
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Did you know ???

Did you know the Millau bridge Is 1,132 feet above the ground. It's about how everyone cooperated and worked together in 3 years. Remember they made it possible .... If they can build a bridge in 3 years with barely any technology you can also do anything you set your mind to do .

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