Container Home

Jonathan Acosta

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Bubble Sketch

I came to this design because of being at a house recently that really intrigued me and the design was something I really liked.

(Same for the picture below)

Scaled Sketch

Sketch-Up Diagram Models

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AutoCad diagrams

Sketch-Up Models Final

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(The Picture Above) Is the Garage

And a unique feature of it is that it can hold two cars and has more than enough room for a place for tools boxes etc...


I would want my Container Home to be located somewhere in California maybe somewhere in San Jose because the weather there is great and it's close to family. Some things I enjoyed about this project is that it allowed me to sort of experience what it feels like to really design a home. I had some trouble with the sketch-up model because it was very time consuming with all the adjustments that were made. Something I could have done better was probably had been a little more organized.