New Stylist Bonus

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Jumpstart Success

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Quick Start Bonus

What is the Quick Start Bonus?

For every 2 qualified Trunk Shows you book and hold during your first 30 days, Stella & Dot will gift you with $150 in Product Credit. You can earn an UNLIMITED amount of product credit at this time. Have 4 qualifying shows and you will receive $300 in credit!

I will reward you with a special gift in the month of August when you launch your business and earn your Quick Start Bonus! How fun and achievable!

How do I Qualify?

It's easy and totally doable and I will help you get there! A qualifying show is only $300 in retail sales, 4 unique orders (all different names), and a Unique Hostess! When you sell $2000 before September 15th, I will award you with $150 in business supplies to replenish those look books! :)

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