Warriors for Women

Empower, Inspire, Educate


o Reinforce the equality and worth of women starting with self-respect and understanding the power of women

o Foster gender equality in our school environment

o Stand against the sexualization of women's bodies

o Reaffirm where women's value and worth come from-- not from their bodies and not from their boyfriends


o Provide a support and encouragement system for our female classmates working to discover who they are REGARDLESS of what society tells them they should be.

o Celebrate International Women’s Day (Tuesday, March 8) to appreciate all strong women, past and present

o Try to get a local, successful woman to come talk to us about her role in higher education and profession


o Fund raise and donate to Girl Up, a United Nations foundation working towards female education in third world countries and putting an end to child marriages.

o Address the issue of self-hate and the danger in bringing down other girls

o Discuss common discriminatory acts that go unnoticed to ensure respect post-graduation

o Host a self-defense and safety seminar

o Teach girls how to do things men commonly do for them (basic car and home maintenance)