Negative Peer Pressure

By:Ashley Rodriguez

Imagine this scenario: When Angie was at a party their were teens that were doing drugs and drinking. Angie said she wouldn't do any of those things. Her best friend Aaliyah told her to drink. Angie said no. Aaliyah said to her if you don’t drink then I will call you a chicken for the rest of high school. Angie didn't want to be called a chicken so she drank and she kept on drinking. Angie thought she was fine to drive but she wasn't so she went to her car and started driving to her house she was so drunk that she couldn't see and got into a car accident but she died from drunk driving.
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When teens are told that their friends are watching they do things they don’t normally do when their friends aren’t around. Why do teens care about what their friends are going to think? If there your true friends they shouldn’t peer pressure you. In the text “Pope” says “But the young teenagers ran about 40 percent more yellow lights and had 60 percent more crashes when they knew that there friends were there”. Teens shouldn’t care about if their friends are watching them they should drive how they would normally do if their friends aren’t around. In “Daily” it says “ The report by confidential drugs helpline FRANK showed that almost half of the youngsters questioned said they need to fit in with their group of friends behavior. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to fit in. “Pope” says “It was if the presence of friends, even if they were in the next room prompted the brains down out any warning signals about risk tipping the balance toward the reward”

Kids who hang out with kids that do drug or drink will be peer pressured and they try it and become addicted. Why do these kids hang out with these people? If they see that they do those things they should leave them. In the text “Jenhh0” says, “For the first four months of Jessica’s new high schools life at Benjamin Cardozo, she had made a new group of friends. These new friends weren’t exactly little angels at least one person in the group drinks, smokes, does drugs, cuts class for half the school year, has sex or shop lifts. Spending time with these peoples influenced Jessica in a negative way” Why did Jessica keep hanging out with them if she knew that they did those kind of things. In the text “Jenhh0” says Because of this, she’s been suspended from school, arrested, sent to juvenile hall and has been under house arrest. Jessica should’ve thought of what would happen to her if she did these things before doing it.

Peer pressure can happen anywhere in school, classroom etc. In the text “Cuddy and Reeves” say “The phrase peer pressure is typically linked to be risky adolescent behaviors like underage drinking, abuse, and unprotected sex. Teens don’t think why would they do this “to fit in” “Cuddy and Reeves” say in the text “But peer pressure also shapes decision about education a recent education a recent NBER working papers. Why do teens let their friends tell them what to do?
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Some people might think that positive peer pressure can lead to getting good grades and reaching their goals.Even though positive peer pressure can encourage kids to do good in school and reach their goals but it all depends on the type of people they hang out with.

This topic is important because parent think that there is positive peer pressure . In fact kids could get good grades by there friend. if there friend get bad grades and drink and do drugs then there friend is gonna try some and some teens give in easy.