Progressive Movement Reforms

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  1. The Social Gospel movement is a protestant christian intellectual movement that was most prominent in the early 20th century.

  2. The social gospel movement effected the USA everybody started takeing up for themsleves.

  3. the 18th amendment was to prohibition of achohol

  4. the women was mad cause there husband was comeing home drunk and the achocol was takeing money from there family

politioal reforms

19th amendment finally gives women right to vote in 1919

women could not vote till the 19 amendment and they could only vote for president

By 1878, the first free public kindergarten was established in San Francisco.

Chinese were excluded from immigrating to the U. S.

In 1907 Japan agreed through a Gentlemen’s Agreement reached with President Roosevelt not to issue passports to Japanese workers, thus also eliminating Japanese from the American work force.

religious reforms

Strongly advocated freedom of conscience, religious tolerance, and strict separation of church and state as represented in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Many religious authorities during this time, most notably the Catholic Church, viewed liberalism as a “sin”.

But these progressive beliefs eventually triumphed in this country as most Americans.


the jungle a book was made by a that told the public that there meat waz not clean and rats was in it

The square deal was made to address evils of society.

The USDA and the FDA act

ecoinme reform

Nominees for public office a railroad commission to regulate railroad rates tax reform opposition to political bosses and the initiative and recall devices to give the people more direct control over government