Mission Santa Ines

By Jose Carrera

Mission History

Mission Santa Ines was built in 1804 and closed in 1834. Mission Santa Ines is the 19th Mission. Chumash Indians lived in this mission. This missions founder is Alexander Bukler. In 1804 first wing was built. Another wing was built in 1806. Mission Santa Ines is located 35 miles from Mission Santa Barbara and near Santa Ynez river

Daily Life at Mission

Chumash Indians lived in Mission Santa Ines. Fray Alexander Bukler is in charge. The Chumash women did the chores the men did the jobes. The crops needed to be harvested and meals needed to be cooked. Wheat, barley, corn and beans. There was no school. There was a church in the mission. In free time Chumash Indians played games.

Pictures and Illastrations

mission today

Today Mission Santa Ines is still open today. There is no field trips. In Mission Santa Ines there is a church. There is no museum in Mission Santa Ines.


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