Virtual Resume

Hafsa Addow

Academic Smart Goal

S-My goal for June 2018 is to graduate with an 80 or above average overall. In all my classes

M- I will measure my progress by asking my teachers for a mark up date and also look at my progress report and finally my midterm to make sure I'm on track.

A- I will attain this goal by making sure I complete all my homework and assignments. If I have any questions I will ask for extra help from my teachers or try to sign up for peer tutoring or COY if I need extra help and I will make sure I start studying days before a test so I wont have to worry.

R-This goal is relevant because if I continue to do better and maintain a good average I will be able to get into a good university and that's something important to me.

T- By June 2018 I hope to graduate with an 80 or above average

Volunteering Smart Goal

S- My goal for June 2018 is to have a total of 220 volunteer hours.

M- I am apart of team crew and you get a total of 75 hours for coming and helping out at each game. I help out at every game and to make sure there is a list.

A-I will attain this goal by making sure I attend all of the team crew meetings and sign up for the games.

R- This goal is relevant to me at this time in my life because in order to graduate you need to have 40 volunteer hours and I want to surpass that because that's just who I am as a person.

T- By June 2018 I hope to have 220 volunteer hours.

Part 2- Preparing for Transition and Change

Part 4

Hafsa Addow



April 4th,2016

Challenges and Solutions

My chosen future job was a registered nurse and two challenges related to my future job would be being exposed to all different types of germs and viruses and sometimes being overwhelmed. The first challenge which is being exposed to all different types of germs, viruses and diseases. A nurse deal with a lot of blood and bodily fluids so on a day-to-day basis you will be exposed to all different kinds of things. When working with patients you might be exposed to what they have and in general working in the hospital. If you are a person who doesn’t or can’t deal with blood or vomit and those kinds of things then maybe nursing isn’t for you because that’s something you will have to deal with everyday. The second challenge would be being overwhelmed on some days due to either short staffed or there’s something in your personal life going on or even the increase in new patients. Being a nurse isn’t an easy job you have too deal with a lot and if you don’t take well to situations where you have a lot going on at once then maybe nursing isn’t the job for you.