LEP Notes

Getting Started with your ELLs

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Danhui in Mrs. Pinckard's 1st Grade Class makes a NonFiction Feature Book about his home country

Welcoming your Newcomer to the United States! (....then what?)

10 Steps For Teaching Your Newcomer

  1. Welcome to school (Tour, pictures and names of places in school)
  2. Family Communications-List of favorite activities, hobbies (to build a foundation of known)
  3. Basic Directions-Write clear short steps on board. Point and read simultaneously.
  4. Label the room (Everything: Chair, Locker etc.) student can write native language if they can read it.
  5. Simple Phrase Cards for daily communication needs.
  6. S P E A K S L O W L Y
  7. Provide WAIT TIME (Create a strategy for all students to think before answering)
  8. Sentence STEMS & FRAMES (This gives them the structure to participate in class with confidence).
  9. PRETEACH Vocabulary-
  10. Teach them to be self sufficient (how to ask for help, highlight unknown words, look up images).

English Language Proficiency Standards REVIEW

ELL Instructional Accommodations

Go to THINGLINK ELPs training for instructions on updating ESL Accommodations in Eduphoria/Aware.
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Do I have to complete this form?

Yes, if you do not see any accommodations that are necessary then please write notes at the bottom.

Will my student get the accommodations that have an asterisk if I mark it?

Not necessarily. They must also meet other state criteria to get accommodations on state tests. If you do not mark and use the accommodation, however, then they will not be able to have it if they do qualify.

For example, a student has never used a dictionary. Then on the day of the test it would not be good practice to hand them one to use without adequate practice.

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