Basics of Graphic Design

Creating Designs using different media

what is graphic design

Use Canva

to practice each element

- creating and using new techniques

-you will turn in ONE design showing your use of all the elements

Ace alignment

Fonts and Pairing Fonts

What the font!?

Use Canva to practice choosing and looking for fonts

  • Use the pictures to practice creating graphics
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Color Wheel

Color harmony
Make it pop!
Tints and shades
Choose your color
Photo love
Share and publish

Create your Design

  • use all the elements to create a design
  • make your design for something school related- sport, class, organization,etc.
  • choose the right file type when done and ready to publish
Big picture

When you are done designing-

Turn in!

  • Go to GClassroom-open assignment
  • Click add-upload file (s)-
  • Click Turn in

Extra Help- when it looks like you can only print.......