By: Darrion Fleck

Overview of Holocaust

Took place during World War Two (1939-1945). It was a mass murder ,by nazis, of millions of Jewish people (about six million Jewish people). Adolf hitler was the leader of the nazis and wanted all the Jewish people dead. In addition to killing millions of Jewish people nazis killed millions of non Jewish people, Hitler said were racially inferior or politically dangerous.

Definition/Background Information

Blitzkrieg is heavily armored machinery such as armored cars, tanks, artillery, and planes. It is a military tactic based on speed, surprise, and heavy atacks on a narrow front. The blitzkrieg method destroyed enemy military defenses faster and more efficiently. The Germans would cut off groups of the enemy's military, surround them, and destroy them. The only way the blitzkrieg method can work is with quickness and surprise.

Original Research Question

Where did the Germans use the blitzkrieg method?

"Germany successfully used the blitzkrieg method in conquering Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, and Greece."


"A passionate military leader and strategist, Heinz Guderian revolutionized modern warfare by using tanks and air power to gain rapid victories."-Encyclopedia of World Biography.\

He is important because he invented the Blitzkrieg method during World War 2.


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