Ancient Sumerian Invention

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Science & Engineering Invention

Ancient Simeria was the first civilzation ever recorded. It started at 3,300 B.C.E and lasted for 2,550 year until 750 B.C.E.It's also where the first humans formed or evolved. Ancient Sumeria created a whole bunch of inventions. Some example are the wheel, chariot, the sailboat, the plow, a way to measure time, astronomy, and astrology. They also created many more invention.


The Most Important Invention

The most important invention of Sumaeria is the invention of the wheel. The oldest known wheel is from 3,500 B.C.E. The first use for the whell was to use for pottery not transportation. In fact the tranportation stage of the wheel happened 300 years later. Even the pottery stage of the wheel happened first doesn't mean that it still did not revolutionize the ancinet or early world. "Although the wheel has revolutionized the way early human beings travelled and transported goods from one place to another, the wheel was not a perfect invention." This means that it really didn't help or make sense to use it because the camel was still more efficient.

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