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January 19th, 2020

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

I hope all of you had a restful winter break and a joyful holiday season! It was wonderful to see students return to school this week looking happy, rejuvenated, and ready for more moments of authentic learning in Term 3.

This week students jumped right back into action with an eagerness to participate in the many events on the horizon including our Term 3 Assembly, Volleyball & Table Tennis season, SKYMUN, KIMEA, the Korean Writing Competition, and more. Please find details within the newsletter.

I want to thank all the middle school parents who participated in our Parent Information Session last Friday in which we introduced Behavior Flip. If you were not able to attend this session, please find the slides below and reach out if you have any questions.

We will hold another Parent Information Session this Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00pm on NWEA MAP testing. We hope all of you can make it. Please find more information and an RSVP form below.

In closing, we are pleased this week to welcome 11 new students to our CDS Middle School community. We look forward to getting to know them and their families better in the coming months.

*Please note that winter report cards will be sent home with your children before the end of the week.

Welcome back!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Welcome New Students!

5B Kim, Stephanie Yeseul

6B Kim, Matthew Minho

7A Choi, Sahn

7A Han, Jaywon (Jay)

7B Jeon, Seunghyeon (Kevin)

7B Kim, Myungseok (Chris)

8A Kim, Minseok

8A Noh, Sieun (Nikki)

8A Song, Hakyoung (Samuel

8B Kim, Min Chan (Matthew)

8B Yang, Chan Wook (Channy)

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Parent Information Session #4 - NWEA MAP Testing

Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 3-4pm

CDS 3rd Floor Library (near the HS Office)

NWEA MAP Testing:

Why does CDS use NWEA MAP? How is MAP different from other standardized tests? How do I interpret my child's MAP scores? What is a RIT score? How can I know if my child is on track to be college and career ready? How does my child's score compare with other students in East Asia? How do teachers use students' scores to guide their instruction? How can I have productive conversations with my child about their MAP scores?

- 왜 CDS는 학생평가에 NWEA MAP 프로그램을 사용하는가? 어떻게 MAP이 다른 평가시스템과 다른가? 자녀의 MAP 성적을 어떻게 분석해야하는가? RIT 점수는 무엇인가? 어떻게 내 자녀가 대학진학에 유리한 조건에 있는지 판단할 수 있는가? 아시아의 학생들과 비교했을 때 내 자녀의 성적은 어떠한가? 교사들은 학생의 MAP 성적을 수업시간에 어떻게 반영하여 교수하는가? 내 자녀와 MAP 성적과 관련하여 어찌 대화해야하는가?

[This week around CDS MS]

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Social Studies - Reasons World War I Ignited in 1914

This week, 8th grade students began to explore the reasons World War I ignited in 1914.

Students participated in a simulation learning experience where they acted as delegates of major European powers and attempted to prevent the start of the war.

This activity required them to piece together and work out the relationships and actions taken between the major European powers preceding the conflict. Next week, students will participate as delegates in a class deliberation where they will discuss and debate who they believe should be held responsible for starting the war.

- Mr. Drews

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Announcement from G7 English Language Arts

Hi parents, students, and fellow teachers,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a relaxing winter break filled with people and books you love. Upon returning, we in Grade 7 English, are reading about a somber and sobering event in the book Night by Elie Wiesel.

Study of the holocaust is a tough subject. No matter how delicately we approach this topic, it is hard to digest. However, we must face this terrible time in human history. It is important that we all take time to reflect on this dark time. As parents, if you are interested in revisiting what you have learned in past through historical fiction and memoir, here are some book recommendations for you. They are each available at

- Mr. Baker

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Parent Information Session: Introducing Behavior Flip

During a stage in life where there is so much change and growth, it is important to understand what is expected in order to maintain a positive school community.

Last school year, the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) team at CDS introduced four expectations that students should exhibit in all areas of the school: be Respectful, have Integrity, be Safe, and be Engaged.

Like the mythical phoenix, CDS students RISE to help create a supportive and positive school community. For the last several years CDS Middle School has also been using a Restorative Justice approach to behavior management. Instead of focusing on punishment, we focus on learning from mistakes and repairing harm or "making it right" with those who were affected.

We have adopted a new application that will allow us take the best of PBIS and Restorative Practices and use it to communicate with home, and to identify and address patterns on a school wide level. This new system is called BehaviorFlip and we will be fully implementing it in February.

Were you unable to attend the session?

Are you completely set up on Behavior Flip?

  • If you can not locate the set up email that was sent again on Friday, please fill out this form and a new email will be sent.

Thank you to all parents who were able to join us during this session. Please stay tuned for more meetings in the future.

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Vote for your Favorite Book!

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[CDS MS Announcements & Reminders]

AFTER HOURS POLICY / 방과후 교내 체류 정책

All non-dorm students who wish to stay after school to participate in clubs and other school related activities must complete a permission slip. The After Hours Permission Slip is available in the MS Office and also on the middle school website: This document must be signed by the supervising teacher and a parent/guardian before 12:00pm on the day the student plans to stay after school. Non-dorm students must arrange their own ride home and may not stay on campus after 5:50pm.

기숙사 학생을 제외한 모든 학생은 방과 후에 교내에 남아있기 위해 After School Permission Slip을 작성하여 제출해야합니다. ‘After School Permission Slip’은 MS Office와 CDS 중학교 웹사이트: cdsmiddleschool.weebly.com에서 찾으실 수 있습니다. 해당 동의서에는 학생이 남아있는 시간동안 학생을 감독할 교사학부모님의 서명이 있어야하며, 학생이 방과 후에 남아있을 당일 낮 12시까지 MS Office로 반드시 제출해주셔야합니다. CDS 규정상 기숙사 학생을 제외한 모든 학생은 5:50pm 이후에 교내에 남아있을 수 없습니다.

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[Upcoming Events]

Term 3 Assembly - 9:15 AM @Dalton Hall

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MAP Testing - January 21st-23th

This week on January 21st, 22nd and 23rd, CDS Middle School students will take the MAP Growth tests in English, Language Usage, and Reading. Please make sure your children receive a full night sleep and a good breakfast before coming to school on these days.

We want students to do their very best on these exams so that results are accurate representations of their current level of achievement. Teachers use the data from these exams to modify their instruction and better serve your children. If the data isn't reliable, it is more difficult for teachers to target the specific skills your child needs to develop.

Having a conversation with your child about the MAP test will go a long way in ensuring they are motivated to do their best.

If you have any questions or concerns about MAP testing, please feel free to make an appointment with me (Mr. Scoville)... or your child's English or Math teacher.

MAP Testing Info in Korean, English, Spanish, & Chinese

For the testing schedule and information in your language on MAP Growth Testing, please click the button.

Korean Writing Competition - February 5th @CC Time

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[MS KAIAC Athletics (Upcoming Winter Season)]

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MS Volleyball & Table Tennis Registration

Hello everyone,

Season two for MS athletics is just about to get underway.

If you are interested in playing for the MS volleyball or table tennis teams. You MUST register for the team on the athletic website found on each team page. Click on the link on each team page and fill out the form. This form must be completed before you can attend orientation. You must also fill out an after school permission form before you can attend the first orientation session.

Please keep in mind that the team fees for this year will be as follows:

Table Tennis team - 75,000 won

Volleyball Teams - 90,000 won

These fees and an athletic participation form (also on the athletic website under team registration & forms) must be completed and handed into your coaches and paid for 1 week after the last orientation day has taken place or you will be removed from the team.

Below is the link that will lead you to each team page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of the coaches.

- Mr. Monette

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Upcoming Events

1/13 First day back from Winter Break / Term 3 Begins

1/17 Parent Information Session - Behavior Flip

1/20 Term 3 Assembly

1/21-23 Winter MAP Testing

1/23 Parent Information Session - MAP Testing

1/24-27 Lunar New Year Holiday

1/30 - MS KIMEA Honor Choir Festival

2/4 MS KIMEA Honor Band Festival

2/5 Korean Writing Competition