My Spring Break

By: Matt Campbell


My dad and I went to golf at the Bear Creek Golf Course on the Tuesday of Spring Break. Bear Creek has two courses, East and West, we decided to go on the West. I have been able to hit the ball as far as my dad. Because of that, i was able to beat him. My score was a 59, and my dads was a 65.

St. Patricks Day Party

My whole family, me, my parents,and my brother went to a St. Patricks Day party. The party was at J. Gilligans pub. They decided that since St Patricks Day is on a weekday, that the annual party would be on Saturday. The party was pretty cool. They had live music, delicious food, and everybody dressed in green. It was really a fun, great time.

Scuba Diving Adventure

My parents and I went to Destin, Florida to go scuba diving. The particular place we happened to be at had crystal clear waters. Because of that, we could see everything! We saw sting rays, dolphins, sharks and other fishes. I was able to take photos with an underwater camera. If I could, I would definetly do it again.