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Its the sliding down of a mass of earth or rock from a mountain or cliff. It usually happens after heavy rains or massive earthquakes. It leaves a mass of debris and wipes out enviorments. They occur mostly in India and Asia, but can occur where any mountain and bad weather occur. Dangerous and deadly, landslides are often forgotten.

Causes of Landslides

Landslides occur when rocks and sediments loosen and roll down a slope or steep mountain. The main cause of this is bad weather. Earthquakes can also generate massive landslides, along with volcanoes. Wildfires can also cause landslides. They burn the roots of the plants and then just leave it to gravity.

Some pictures of a Landslide

Guaranteed to be dangerous and devestating

Effects of Landslides

Many people will die or get injured due to landslides. It also destroys many homes and all land around it and will wipe out many enviorments. Landslides are also very costly as the pay to fix everything is very expensive.

Precautions or warnings of a Landslide

  • Changes occur in the landscape
  • Bulging ground appears at the base of the slope
  • Trees, fences, or utility poles tilt or move
  • Unusual sounds such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together
  • Cracks appear on pavement
  • Outside walks or stairs begin pulling away from the building

How landslides are measured

Scale used to measure landslide

  • Extensometer
It measures the movement of the land in inches of displacment

Technological advances for humans

Coimbatore helps predict landslides in advance by measuring the amount of water contained under the ground surface and the amount of pressure the land is taking in that area. Can predict landslides 24 hours in advance.