Mesopotamia News

By: Nathan Feliciano

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Today in Sumer, farmers were excited when

a man named Izuue Jing made a wheeled cart to help them move their animals. Farmers were astonished to hear the wheeled cart also helps for moving food and carrying supplies. According to many people, an ox can be attached to pull heavy items, including people.The farmers thank Izuue Jing for making their life easier.

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Special Weather Report

Flash Flood Warning

Today in Sumer, after many inches of rain, a dike is getting ready to break.The dike holds over 1,000 gallons of water witch could cause major flooding and destruction in these areas: Uruk, Larsa,and Ur.One way to prepare for this is to get to higher ground.You have approximately one day till this happens. Take action immediately to avoid drowning.

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Today, we interviewed Ishak Canelli.He is a blacksmith living Haran. Ishak has one kid named Shwaz and a wife named Bethany. He trains horses to listen to their rider. In his free, time he rides horses. Ishak Canelli is a very interesting man.

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