Number the stars

Lois Lowry

About the author

Lois Lowry is an author of over thirty novels and twice winner of the Newbery Medal.

She was born in Hawaii. Her father was an Army dentist and the family lived all over the world. Louis went to Brown University, but left to get married and raise a family; she later shettle in Maine and graduated from the University of Southern Maine. She started writing in the 1970s. She explains that she measures her succes as an author by her ability to “help adolescents answer their own questions about life, identity and human relationship”.

Nowadays she lives with her partner Martin Small and divides her time between Massachussets and Maine.


This book it’s about a real story during de German occupation of Denmark in the second world war. It’s a story based in real facts and told from the Annemarie’s point of view. Annemarie is a ten years old child who helps her neighbors, Mr and Mrs Rosen, with her family. The reason is the persecution of Jewish by German soldiers. Annemarie and her family have to do a lot of things for help to escape from the Jewish hunt. For example, to hide Annamarie bestfriend, Ellen, in her house, pretending that she would be her sister (who, in fact was dead). Annemarie, who is the story protagonist, is a very brave child and it can see this behavior since the beginning of the novel till the end.

The novel has a lot of stress moments because of the german soldiers, their appearences in every unexpected moment.

But finally the war ends, two years later and the Annemarie hopes to see again, their neighbor and friend, Ellen Rosen.

The tittel of the book is based in an important jewish psalm that appears on book which says that God numbered all the stars.

Interesting vocabulary

to shiver= estremecerse

to fade= desvanecerse.

to nod= asentir

puzzled look= mirada de perplejidad.

to yawn= bostezar

to hide= esconderse

take a chance= arriesgarse

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