Solar Roofing

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Solar roofing is nothing new. Solar panels that are installed on top of an existing roof to generate electricity for the home have been around for years. The industry was revolutionized recently when solar shingles were developed. Unlike solar panels which must be installed onto an already existing roof, solar shingles have photovoltaic cells built directly into them. Because poor aesthetics was a major factor for many not wanting solar roofing, solar shingles made it a much more tempting option.

Now, Tesla, the automaker famous for its electric cars has just entered the solar shingles market.

How do Tesla’s shingles compare?

Tesla’s solar shingles are manufactured from extremely tough glass. They should hold up better than tile, and slate shingles which are known for being the most durable roofing materials (though impact damage is their primary weakness). They have an expected life expectancy of about 50 years which is 2-3 times more than that 20-year life cycle that most roofs are rated for.

As for solar roofing panels, Tesla’s solar shingles aren’t as energy efficient, yet. They achieve 98% of the efficiency of solar panels so it’s very close and Tesla is already working on a coating that would allow more light into the shingles but refract light trying to leave it. Soon the solar shingles may be even more energy efficient than solar panels.


In addition to announcing their entrance into the solar roofing market, Tesla also announced a new product called a Powerwall which can be mounted in the garage. It can store excess energy beyond what is needed to power the home. It can be used as a backup for overcast days and Tesla vehicles can be plugged into it to charge the battery.

Not for everyone

Of course, solar still isn’t for everyone even with Tesla’s big reveal. They still haven’t found a way to make solar shingles energy efficient in rainy climates that don’t see much sun. If you are looking for an energy efficient roof in the Spokane area, find a Spokane roofing company with experience in metal roofing since it’s one of the most energy efficient roofing materials you can buy that isn’t solar powered.

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Energy Efficient Roofing

We live in a world where it is becoming easier and easier to create an energy efficient home. While energy efficient upgrades might be costly upfront, they definitely pay off almost immediately when it comes to your utility bills. Energy efficient upgrades and materials are so easily accessible that they are becoming a common choice for new homeowners who are building homes. Energy efficient upgrades are great, but because the technology is so new many homeowners are afraid to invest in them. Here is some information about how you can make your home energy efficient, no matter what choice of materials you make.

Pros and cons of solar panels

Solar panels are the most common form of energy efficient roofing materials, and they are becoming more affordable as they grow in popularity. According to Greener Ideal, solar panels are great because they are the most accessible and sustainable renewable energy source, and they are not noisy like wind turbines. Another pro of solar panels is that once they are installed, they are free to use, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bills. The most obvious con of solar panels is the cost to install them. Another con is that they are powered by the sun, so at night you will need another source for electricity in your home.

Benefits of green roofing

If solar panels are not going to work for you, you might consider a green roof. This form of energy efficient roof is not as popular as solar panels, but it has the same benefits as far as saving you money by requiring less energy. Green roofs are essentially a garden system on your roof with a thick layer of soil and plants that can survive in your climate. They thrive off of the sun as well, and are much more environmentally safe than any other roofing materials. Your home might not blend in when compared to the homes surrounding you, but when you are saving a lot of money on utilities, it might be worth standing out.

Getting the most from your roof

If you already have a roof, and installing a new one or energy efficient features is not in your budget, there are still many ways you can make your roof energy efficient. First, make sure it is properly insulated. You do not want to waste energy due to lack of insulation. Second, consider using materials that are environmentally friendly. Shingles are made from rubber, which is damaging to the environment, so consider using stone or other materials that will not simply end up in a landfill once finished being used.

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