The Scottsboro Boys

Grace Rodriguez


The Scottsboro boys, a case that involved 9 African youth men who are from Scottsboro, Alabama. In 1931 these 9 young men had been sentanced to death for comiting the crime of rape of two young white women. This case had attracted many national and international controversy becuase it gave great examples of blatant inequities and racial discrimination. The international Labor Defense (ILD) represented the defendants, providing a strong legal defense in extensive political propaganda attacking the American government for its racism. the ILD is an assosiation of lawyers connected to the U.S Communist Party.

Key Person : Roy Wright

The nine boys that were accused of the rape had been sentanced to die in the electric chair all except for 13 year old Roy Wright. Roy Wright had been sentanced to prison for life, this action got national attention from all around. Roy Wright is important to the Scottsboro boys because he had been the youngest of the 9 so couldnt be put to die in the electric chair therefor the rest of his life rotted away in prision.

Event List

1. March 25th, 1931~ the date that the Scottsboro boys had been arrested.

2. In 1933 the state then decided to retry Patterson.

3. in 1937 Alabama had finnally come to an agreenment with the deffense team to release Montgomery, Robbertson, Williams, and Roy Wright along with the five remaining to recieve prison sentances, with the expectation of quick parole.


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