Advertising Sales Agents

By: Samantha Hirshberg

Job Description

The main responsibility of advertising sales agents is to sell advertising space to businesses and individuals. In order to accomplish this task, they must directly contact potential customers, pitch their original ideas, and then proceed secure sales. The difficulty of this occupation lies in the intense pressure that occurs in the form of sales quotas.

Quick Facts

Number of Jobs, 2012: 154,600

Job Outlook, 2012-22: -1% (little or no change)

Employment Change, 2012-22: -1000

Networking Opportunities

- These groups/programs allow an agent to meet potential customers as well as other agents who possess a vast amount of knowledge in the field.

- Interorganizational Special Interest Group (IOSIG)

- SIG Leaders Page

- Summer Marketing Educators' Conference

- AMA Special Interest Groups

- From Creativity to Content Program

- LinkedIn (offers professional profiles; can talk with other agents)

- Twitter (send out tweets and connect with others in the advertising sector)

- Facebook (pay to advertise; could request a meeting with another agent in a similar field)

- Instagram (post pictures related to the field)

- Pintrest (pin topics/subjects you find interesting, such as other agents' stories, work)

Job Opportunities in Georgia

- 2,897 jobs available

- majority are in Atlanta

- most request a bachelor's degree and at least two years of experience in sales

- pay is not included on many employment descriptions as companies do not want to detract potential job seekers

- based on current openings in market

Potenial Internships and Job Opportunities Overseas

Potential Internships

- most internships allow a person to serve as an aid to the seasoned advertising manger of the company

- they require a large amount of dedication and time as one must work for little to no pay and focus on the future rather than the present

- an example of one is a "virtual Advertising Manager Internship Opportunity" at Vision House Publishers (quarterly Christian publication who publishes books and periodicals)

Job Opportunities Overseas

- many exist; hold their agents to higher standards

- value honesty and relationships more than actual sales numbers

- have same goal as U.S. agents, but tend to be more honest and straightforward when negotiating

- Less education is required as the graduation from college is undervalued