Library Lookout

September 3, 2013

You talked, we listened

After considering the pros and cons, Karen and I agreed to allow students to check out four books at a time, instead of two each time they visit. Please note:
  • the total books a student can have checked out is four
  • if a student has an overdue book, he or she will not be able to check anything out
  • books have a loan period of two weeks
  • if students want to renew a book, they need to bring it with them to the library
  • Kindergarten students will still only be allowed one book

Please, please, please have your student librarians bring returned books to the library every morning, not just on the day you have library. With the extra books, it will take more time to get them all checked in and we want to be ready for your class when you arrive.

New Typing Program

Instead of Ultrakey, our 3rd-5th grade students will use Typing Web. I have created classes for each homeroom and uploaded all students into the program.
  • for student login
  • There is also a link on the "Links" page of my blog
  • Student usernames are the same as their Google/Canvas logins (with a few exceptions when those were taken--see printout in your mailbox)
  • Chrome recommended
  • Teachers may log in as a student to see what it is like or to model for class (log in info to come in separate email)
  • Teachers may log in as me to Teacher portal to see reports
  • Students may start with the Typing Test to get a feel for where they need help
  • Remind students to ignore the ads

Teacher Library Cards

Don't forget you have unlimited resources at your fingertips! With your teacher card, you may check out materials from the Skokie Public Library. Loan period is three weeks, and you can put books on hold from the comfort of your desk and request they be placed on the Bookmobile on Thursday afternoon. Just be sure to give them a few days to pull the materials and put them on the Bookmobile.

Additionally, if you know you will need more books than we have in the LMC for a particular unit, you can email Susan Carlton ( to request a book bag of up to 30 books.

eBooks also available! Visit for access to their catalog.