Warsaw Ghetto


Paragraph One

There was no Warsaw Ghetto before the war . Himler was the one person who set up the Jews at different cities . The ghettos was a building that had fenced in gates to keep the Jews inside . The whole Warsaw Ghetto phase was from 1941 to 1943 .
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Paragraph Two

The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest of all the Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe station during World War Two . The city of Warsaw flanks both banks of the Vistula River . A city of more than 1.3 million inhabitants had gone down with the Jews dying in the ghettos . The ghettos were meant to hold maybe 7 thousand it turned into more like 260,000 thousand .
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Paragraph Three

The whole Warsaw Ghetto started in 1941 . There was many uprisings there but one uprising was huge . The Jews had attacked the guards and it ended up with 5,000 dead or injured . The Warsaw Ghetto had finally ended in 1943 . More than 260,000 Jews in the camps killed or dead only a few had made it out alive including Otto Frank .
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