Kos, Greece

By Sophie Grencik per.6

Why go to Kos, Greece

I want to go to Kos, Greece for many reasons. First I would like to see the rich history like the medieval villages and the old ruins. I also belive that it would be a very awesome trip

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"According to the Greek mythology, Kos is the sacred land of Asclepius, the god of healing. Archaeological findings prove that the history of Kos starts from the prehistoric times. The Minoans settled on the island around the 14th century BC, followed by the Achaeans and, a few centuries later, the Dorians came and built the ancient city of Kos. The Persians conquered the island of Kos during the 5th century BC, but were defeated by the Athenians who took control of the island during the battle of Salamina. 460 BC is the year during which Hippocrates, the father of Medicine and founder of the first School of Medicine, was born.¨

website: greeka.com

Culture: Write about your destinations culture.

In Kos, Greece "Nude bathing is illegal on some beaches and can be very offensive to more traditional Greeks, particularly if you are close to a church. Also 98% of Greeks are Greek Orthodox, with Muslim, Roman Catholic and Jewish minorities.¨

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Getting there

Flights:Denver to Frankfurt, Frankfort to Athens, Athens to Kos


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Hotel Name: Oscar hotel

Hotel Price: 159.00

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Activity 1: Kamari beach

Description: Swimming and sunbathing

Cost: Free

Activity 2:Mesta medival village

Description: looking around

Cost: Free

Activity 3: The folklore museum

Description: looking around

Cost: Free

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A problem that could occur is that they lose my luggage.

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1. I chose to go to Kos, Greece with my mom because I love my mom and I would like to see the rich history with her.

2. I spent my money on food, flights, suvernors, and the hotel. This effected how much I had to spend.

3. A problem I faced was the hotel. I just got a cheaper hotel.