Jamestown Massacre

Indian Killers


Took place in the colony of Virginia on March 22 1622. The natives began to dislike the colonists in 1609 when the English governor started to send raiding parties to demand food. Chief Opchanacanough led series of surprise attacks that killed 347 people, a quarter of the Jamestown population. The Powhatan also destroyed many settlements at the same time along the James river.



On the same day of the attack the Powhatan took out Henricus and its college.

Thomas Gates

At the time of the massacre Thomas Gates was the governor of Virginia.



She has saved John Smith's life. Married John Rolfe. Was kidnapped by the English during the massacres attacks. One of the reasons the Powhatan surrendered. Pocahantis was the Powhatan's chiefs daughter. She was the reason the attack was stopped.


The Powhatan launched attacks on 31 different areas along the James river.


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