January Monthly Newsletter


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a restful holiday break and a wonderful start to the new year! As we transition into the new year, I want to thank you all again for all that you do to support our students at home during this time. We will continue to engage our students in remote learning until we receive further guidance from the district around a hybrid plan for rephasing students in. Until then, continue to keep up the exceptional work that you do! We continue to be amazed with the learning that continues to take place outside of the classroom, and enjoy hearing and reading about all the wonderful things that are taking place. Please continue to send us updates on all the learning that continues at home!

Remote Learning

We have some great resources around remote learning available to our families:

Distance Learning Resources

Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is any additional information or support that can be provided during this time.

We have done a great job with keeping up with being the best digital citizens we can be while engaging in remote learning. Let’s continue to do so as we move through the year. Attached is our digital citizenship best practices and expectations for our students. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Our teachers are here to provide that additional layer of support as well. Please continue to connect with our teachers for support, guidance or if you have any questions or concerns around the course work our students are engaging in at HomeLink.


Just a friendly reminder that all students are required to check-in with their teacher on their asynchronous days. We enjoy hearing from our students on how they are doing on the days we are unable to see them! If for some reason you are unable to have two-way contact with your teacher on the asynchronous days, please email the teacher immediately. We are all doing a great job with remote learning. Keep up the motivation and great work! Please see the requirements below:

Important HomeLink/Alternative Learning Experience Requirements: HomeLink Attendance - Teacher must have evidence of two-way weekly interactive contact between student and teacher for each class a student is enrolled.

Two-way communication must include educational content and evidence by:

  • In-person instruction, email, phone call

  • synchronous/asynchronous digital communication

  • Google Meet - Live synchronous class

  • Google Classroom or email - turning in assignments

  • Contact must be with the student, not the parent - parents may scribe for younger children.

Additional information on attendance can be found here: Attendance Policy

Digital Citizenship

As we continue with remote learning, I want to send out a friendly reminder of our Digital Citizenship expectations. Our students continue to do a great job being wonderful online learnings and we want to continue to support our students in being the best online learners they can be. Please review the digital citizenship expectations, shared below, with your student(s) and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
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Social Emotional Learning

Our Counselor, Mckenzie Harsin, has created a great social emotional outline on gratitude for our social emotional topic of the month! Please read below for more information.
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Course Change Requests/Second Semester

As we transition into the second semester, families have the opportunity to request a schedule change for the second semester. Please complete the form below for any schedule change requests.


Virtual Recess Is Underway

Great news! The team at HomeLink is dedicated to continuing to support the social and emotional needs of our students are currently working on creating a virtual recess for our students K-5. More information to come via email as we approach second semester.