Bring Your Pet to School Day

Luke J

Did you know Dogs can help someone learn to read?

Why I support this

  • There is a bring your pet to work day.
  • Dogs will like this too. (especially mine)
  • I think kids have the responsibility to do this.
  • Most dogs are friendly.


Your dog walks up to you when you are getting on your backpack wondering if he can go to school. You wish he can but it is against the rules. You feel guilty for the rest of the day.

There is a bring a your Dog to Work day

  • If there is a Holiday to bring your dog to work then there should be one for school.
  • An employee says "I love bring my dog to work day, and everyone else at my work does too!"

Did you Know Dogs can lower stress?

Dogs make you feel at home

  • Most people are more comfortable at home than school.
  • Students may try harder.


  • Bullying is a Problem in the U.S
  • The bully might be nice because they like their dog.
  • If the kid is still bullied then they have a dog to keep them company.

Did you Know 23% of American kids are involved in bullying?

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This video shows why bring your dog to school day shouldn't be as hard as people think.
The Morning Show - Take Your Dog To Work Day