Rock n' Roll

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Rock n' Roll

Rock n' Roll Music is a genre of music that came out of the United States in the late 40's and 50's. Rock n' Roll (or just "Rock" for short) combines several American genres such as blues, jazz, and country. Rock music influenced lifestyle, fashion, and attitude of many young Americans. The civil rights movement was directly correlated with rock music as many African American artists gained popularity despite the racism that was occurring in the country at the time. Rock helped break down barriers and further the progress of equality in our country.

The evolution of Rock n' Roll

Throughout the years, Rock music evolved, just as many genres of music tend to do. As society and technology changed in America, so did Rock music. Inventions and innovations in the world of studio and instrumental technology had a great impact on rock music during the 60's. Where Rock n' Roll originally sounded like a blend of Country, Blues, and Jazz in the beginning, it eventually came into a sound of its own that made it original in its own right.

50's Rock

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60's Rock

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70's Rock

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