How Technology Has Grown Since 2002

By Kennedy Schiermeier

Introduction to the Evolution of Technology

If you grab a group of random people off of the street, it's practically guaranteed that at least 9/10 of them have a piece of modern technology with them. However, if you'd have done this survey in 2002, you'd likely get very different results.


We all know that both cell phones are extremely helpful, even if they frustrate us sometimes. Cell phones provide easy communication, access to important documents on the go, and smartphones now are essentially mini-computers. The design of cellphones have change many times, as have their capabilities. For example, in 2005, you would have no hope of checking your Facebook feed on you phone. This picture example of the evolution of the mobile phone's design was found here.
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Technology Companies and School Involvment

People are using technology more and more; whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion. As technology usage rates increase, so do the income rates for the companies that produce these technological devices. These companies have become essential to modern day life; now that not only has technology (such as cellphones) have been added into socialization, they've also been added into school curriculum. Schools have taken advantage of the easier routes that technology has provided to teach students. This helps students who are visual learners; watching a video on how to do something may help them much more then taking three pages worth of notes. With modern technologies, it's much easier to teach these kinds of students in 2016 then it was in 2002.
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American Seniors and the Internet

Young adults and children are more adapt to using technology, but that doesn't necessarily mean that older adults and senior citizens don't know what their doing. In fact, according to, in 2015, about 58% of senior citizens were using the internet.