TCEA Conference 2014

Additional Resources

Knowledge Gained...

After attending the conference our eyes were opened to how fortunate we are to have all the technology resources we have access to at Alvin Elementary. Many districts/schools are just now being exposed to smart boards, internet resources, and few devices for the classrooms. Feel free to use any of the resources listed in the following newsletter to change up the way you may introducing or practicing content in your classroom.

We have brought back many more things than just apps but these are a few things that you could use to liven up your instruction.

QR Codes

As always QR codes are an easy but intriguing way to get your students to check their work, find research you have embedded in a document or simply link anything you want your students to view. Ms. Biegel will have examples of these QR Codes coming soon.

If you haven't made Symbaloo your home screen you are missing out. Symbaloo is a favorites bar that you can embed icons to take you to the sites you view frequently. The toolbar is free and you can upload any website you feel to personalize your internet home screen to allow easy access to the things you view most.