To the Land of Croatia

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Croatia used to be a part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire until World War I. Then in 1918, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia created a kingdom called Yugoslavia. Croatia declared its dependence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Croatia was not a founder of the EU, but joined it on July 1, 2013.


Croatia has a location in central southeast Europe. Its between Hungary, Bosnia and Herezgovinia, and Slovenia. A part of it is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.


People all over the world have found Croatia to be a wonderful and beautiful country to visit. People are attracted to the peaceful coastline, relaxing beaches, ancient castles, and the national parks. Tourists visit Mount Medvednica for the great hiking opportunities and the beautiful Pitvice Lakes that has enchanting sequences of forest fringes, turquoise pools and miniature waterfalls.
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Croatia has a parliamentary democracy (a parliamentary democracy is a democratic form of government were the leader of the greatest representation gets to become prime minister). Their currency type is the croatian kuna.

Cities and Geography

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. Some other cities are Split, Osijek, Pula and Sinj.

Croatia has a total of 87,667 kilometers. Some physical features are mountains (Dinaric Alps), seas (Adriatic), and peninsulas.

Interesting Facts

  • Croatia invented the necktie
  • Their money is named after a rodent
  • Their coins are named after a lime tree