By Josh Dowsalnd


Cancer is a massive and horrible disease what can spread all around the body, this then means if one of your clients has cancer in breast and you massage another area it can trigger the cancer and spread. This is why cancer is a red flag when it comes to massageing , if a client comes in and ask for a massage and they have cancer you CANNOT massage them as this then puts them in great danger. Cancer can spread through the lymphatic system, and because massage increases lymphatic circulation. Thumb kneeding can break cancer up because it is very deep and can go into the tissue and break it up. cancer can then spread by the thumb kneeding breaking the tissue up and parting it away from it.


We cannot massage when someone is pregnant becausae this can put the baby in great danger as alot of things can be cut of from supplying the baby with what it needs. oxygen and nutrients can be cut of from supplying the baby this then could really hurt the baby. this is why cancer is a red flag and cannot be massaged. The first satage of pregnancy is the most dangerous to massage because the baby is not stable and needs all of the nutrients it can get. it could then results in dieing or causing deformaties.

Skin Conditions

When someone has serious or bad skin conditions you should avoid anything that looks like it shouldn't be there, such as rashes, wounds, bruises, burns, boils, and blisters, or, Usually these problems are local, so you can still massage in other areas. if someone has exma this can cause pain to the client and also spread into different places. this is a yellow flag as you can massage in other areas were are fine. this is also not good because it can be unconfortbale for the client and the spread the condition or irratate it. for example if you have exma and you irrrtate it this could then spread around.

Circulatory conditions

Circualatory conditions - We can not massage a client when they have circualatory conditions as this could seriously hurt the client as there cardiovascular system and the heart. With massage this then could worsen and make the condition worse. This is obviously a red flag as we do not want to cause any pain towards the client. these problems can then leads to things such as blood pressure and massage raises your blood pressure this is then bad as the could then result in you fainting.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis - This is a disease affecting nerves in the brain and spinal cord, causing problems with muscle movement, balance and vision. this then means we cannot massage the client because this could trigger anyone of these at any time. this is a red flag because we cannot massage anywhere on the body.

Illness and fever

Depending on the illness and fever can depend if you get massage if your massuse thinks that you are to ill for a massage they will then refuse to continue with the massage. This is yellow and a red flag as it can be and cant be massaged. When we are ill our bodys white body cells good through our blood and help us repair and make us better. this can be a red flag as if you thumb kneed it can spread throughout the body.