Bill Of Rights Project


Freedom Of Speech: Texas v. Johnson (1989)

Summary: During the Republican National Convention in Texas a man named Gregory Lee Johnson Put kerosene on a american flag and burned it. No one was physically hurt in this event but people said they where very offended by this event. He was convicted with desecration of a venerated object. The court made a split decision that he was just exercising his rights of the first amendment.

Freedom Of Religion: Santa Fe Independent School District v. Jane Doe (2000)

Summary: This case is about a high school in texas that started a tradition to make a pre game prayer before every football game. Some of the students sued saying it was a endorsement of religion violating the establishment clause. The prayer came from a student making it a student speech and not a state- sponsored speech. The court came to a 6-3 decision that it does violate the Establishment clause. This case was significant because it shows that there are some limits to this right.

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Freedom of Press: Tory v. Cochran (2005)

Summary: The story of the case is that Ulysses Tory is picketing his former lawyers house and telling everyone that he is a bad lawyer and giving him a bad name. The lawyer passed away but he kept saying bad things about him and the firm he worked for. The ruling was that it violates the first amendment. The impact of this case was that there are limitations.

Freedom Of Assembly: Hill v. Colorado (2000)

Summary: Colorado was protesting outside of abortion clinics and causing I big disruption. Colorado legislated that any protester withing 100 feet of any healthcare facility must have consent to approach within 8 feet of any person with the purpose of protesting. The court ruling was 6-3 that his rights where not violated in any way.This is a important case in history because it shows that there is limitations and things that cross the line that we cant do.

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Right To Bear Arms: District of Columbia v. Heller (2008)

Summary: A group of private gun owners where saying that the needing a license for all guns is violating our second amendment. Also that the firearms must be kept unloaded and disassembled. The court came to a 5-4 decision that this case is covered under the 2nd amendment that they can possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia. This case is important because it shows some of the things you can and cannot do.

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Search and Seizure: Board of Education of Independent School District #92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls (2002)

Summary: A school was doing drug tests for all students in extracurricular activities. The students thought it violated their rights. Two students fought the policy. They thought it was unconstitutional. The decision was that is violated their rights and would not be able to make them do drug tests to be in sports and things. The importance of this case is that we need to know our rights so we can tell what is violating our rights and what is not ot just shows its not right.

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Eminent Domain: Kelo v. New London (2005)

Summary:Kelo wanted to transfer his privately owned land to another private land owner. They where trying to use the principal of eminent domain and it worked the courts came to a 5-3 decision on the topic. It is a very important topic because it just shows us our limits.

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment : Roper v. Simmons (2005)

Summary: Simmons and others broke into ropers home tied her up then they stopped at a national park and threw her off a bridge. Simmons is saying that her punishment is cruel and unusual punishment. The court came to a 5-4 decision that overruled the ruling. I think this is a very important case because made it so that you can be accused as early as 16 it changed the laws so it is important.

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