The one child policy.

Curent government overview.

China is working on lowering the population with there one child police. This can be good and bad. The good part is there is not going to be as much poverty because the less people the more job opportunity's and also there is going to be less waist for the country to handle with and that is going to save them money in the long run.

Now the bad part about it is that people that own there own businesses they are not going to have as big of a choice as in people that work for them. With the one child policy people in china want boys rather then girls because they want them to carry out there name and they want them to take care of them when they get older and with that there is going to be more boys then girls and that is not going to turn out so well if it keeps going this way.

Some other things about there government is that they have one leader 'Mao Zedong' is his name and with him making all the decisions comes with he makes it so they have no outside connections with the out side world they don't even have Google.

Reasons why they think Mao Zedong is the best.

This is why they think he is the best because he represents his self as the father of China. He makes them think he is the best by not letting them know anything else but him. He trys to show them he is the father of the country and uses things they like to see. He uses a form of propaganda to tricking them into thinking he is all kind and that he does the best for them.

One child policy body paragraph.

Research shows that the Chines government's one child policy, currently exhibits that the Chines people can only have one child. Due to this controlling environment, the people get hostile and think they should have more rights. 51% think its wrong 49% think its right are mostly government officials. These conditions cause people to get aggressive and feel like they have no rights, which requires attention from other countries. Furthermore, research shows "text evidence from articles, databases or other sources". In other words, it is clear that we should help them because the government is over running everything and the people our helpless and need help and we should help fight for what we believe.