Monroe Staff Weekly Update

Integrity * Inclusiveness * Collaboration * Optimism

May 21, 2018


Nicole Gorman - May 8

Catherine Buckley - May 11

Samantha Young - May 21

Audrey Tomlinson - June 1

Amanda Allison - June 3

Mary Rice - June 12

Heather Pogue - June 24

Jennifer Raper - June 26

Jamie Bender - June 29

Stephanie Miller - July 1

Christina Sullivan - July 12

Emily Flores - July 19

Week at a Glance

Monday, May 21
  • Class Placement Meetings

Tuesday, May 22

  • Kindness Ambassadors Group 4, 3:10 pm
  • New Teacher Meeting, 3:10 pm
  • 5th Grade Recognition, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, May 23

  • 5th Grade to Hey Day

Thursday, May 24

  • DRA window closes
  • Yearbook Signing, 8 am
  • Yoga Club Group 3, 3:10 pm
  • Mary Rice Retirement Celebration

Friday, May 25

  • Kindergarten Recognition @ GMM, 8 am
  • Student Council, Group A, 2 pm

News & Reminders

Students Entering Building
  • In the mornings there have been students banging on the south door in the hallway to the gym (by Sydney's room) and waiting for someone to let them in before the bell rings.
  • Please remind all students they are to enter through the front door or they can enter through the back doors coming from the playground. Thank you!

What is Active Supervision and Why is it Critical?
  • Active supervision requires focused attention and intentional observation of children at all times

  • During recess, transitions, lunch, and when in the classroom, and in the hallways after school, staff position themselves so that they can observe all of the children.

  • During recess, staff are not gathered together in conversation, they are spread out, moving around, interacting with students.

  • Staff are engaged with students, are proactive and redirect students when necessary.

  • Active Supervision helps children learn safely and make safe choices.

  • Active supervision is an expectation for all staff at Monroe.

Requires Action

Technology End of Year Procedures

  • Non-returning staff at the end of school year will need to turn in all MacBooks, iPads, and laptops and all appropriate cords and chargers to your Principal or Principal Designee, so Technology Services Center can inventory and re-image.

    • Staff Changing sites:

      • If you are changing sites, any classroom sets of equipment shall remain at the old sites.

      • Teacher provided MacBook will go with teacher to new site.

    • Returning Employees:

    • You must be a returning employee to take your teacher Mac, your Dell IC Laptop, and if applicable, one iPad home.

    • If over the summer, you resign your position and leave Norman Public Schools, please coordinate with Bonnie Selzer, ( at the Technology Service Center, to return all checked out equipment.

    • Optional: Checking in MacBook, Dell IC Laptop and if applicable iPad for Summer (If not taking your equipment home):

      • If you do not desire to take home your MacBook, Dell IC Laptop and, if applicable iPad, for the summer, please check in your devices with your school principal or principal designee so that the devices can be placed in the secured area at your site.

    • Remove your Batteries

      • Please remove the batteries from all your clickers with the screwdrivers provided to your site last year and place in boxes/totes located in the area designated by your principals.

        • If you no longer have screwdrivers, please coordinate with Troy Barnett ( so that he can provide replacement screwdrivers.

      • Again, only put batteries in boxes/totes provided.

        • Please do not place clickers in totes--clickers will be secured in your room.

    • Mobis /Dongles / Pens / Clickers / Remote

      • Leave your mobis on your cart.

      • Lock your dongles, clickers, pens and remote in your cart.

    • Need something repaired?:

      • If any of your Intelligent Classroom equipment (laptop, IC board, dock, Mobis, or projector) needs to be repaired over the summer, please let your principal know and request that your site contact, librarian, or site secretary submit a KACE ticket to the Technology Services Center (TSC).

      • How do I submit a technology work request (TWR) for a computer, projector, or other related technology repair?

      • If you would like assistance for this, please contact the NPS Help Desk at

    • All Intelligent classroom equipment must be turned off and unplugged:

      • Power Down Laptop

      • Turn off Power Strip mounted to cart.

      • Unplug cart from wall

      • Unplug mounted white board from wall. In August when reconnecting, reverse these steps.

    • All devices will be stored in the CONFERENCE ROOM.

Peer Observations

  • Due before the last day of school.

Lori's Schedule May 21 - May 25

Monday - Monroe all day

Tuesday - Monroe all day

Wednesday - Monroe all day

Thursday - Monroe all day

Friday -Monroe all day

Monroe Elementary Mission

The mission of Monroe Elementary is to provide a positive learning community that achieves academic excellence through creativity, independent thinking and teamwork. We are committed to meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of our school community where every member is valued.

NPS Mission & Values

MISSION: To prepare and inspire all students to achieve their full potential.


  • Integrity - Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • Inclusiveness - We positively affirm the unique identity of every individual.
  • Collaboration - We collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to maximize our shared knowledge and resources to bring greater value to our students, staff and stakeholders.
  • Optimism - We aspire to maintain a positive attitude and expect the best possible outcome in every situation.
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