Burlington County Special Services School District

March 2015

The new skill that was introduced last month was side arm breathing for the front crawl. Throughout swim class students are practicing this skill through different exercises. The skill is really being refined and that students are doing such a great job !

A new skill that is being introduced this month is flutter kicking on the back while using a kick board. The students are really committed to working hard at obtaining this skill. The effort the students are putting into acquiring this skill is easily noticed. Keep up the hard work !

All staff is currently being retrained in the YMCA Safety Training. This training is mandatory for all staff to be on the pool deck. This training is important because it allows for a safer environment.

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Gaining Confidence :)

The student is working really hard during swim class. The progress that the student is making is easily seen. She wanted to do the swim skill on her own and she did an awesome job !
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Water Adjustment !

The student is working on water adjustment. Throughout the class the student would lower himself more into the water. He is doing so great !