A Raisin In the Sun

Alexis, Jazmine, Envyi, Lizandro


In the play, “A Raisin in the Sun,” Lorraine Hansberry demonstrates how the American Dream is attainable due to Man vs Human Nature because the Younger's suffered from several different obstacles but, still came out in a better predicament than their previous issues.

Thesis analysis

In the " A Raisin In The Sun" , The overall theme is Man Vs Human Nature, we chose this theme because it represents the struggle Walter goes through with himself and with his family. It doesn't matter what he does or where he is he'll do what he can to get what he wants. Nobody would understand the struggle and dream everyone has, everyone is trying to make it. "Nobody in this house understands me" (Walter 38). As for Walter, he wishes he was more supported by his family and for them to see his big dream. "I am looking for my identity" (Benetha 62). And as for Benetha, she wants to find who is she and where she comes from. Everyone is trying to find themselves, and make there dream come true.


In the play " A Raisin In The Sun" the situation between Walter and mama can be expressed as man vs man. He is so excited about the money coming in because he wants to put it towards a business investment. Then again mama doesn't think it's a good ideal because she thinks family values is more important . Walter think's it's all about money , For an example in the play mama says "Once upon a time freedom used to be life--now it's money." While Walter argued that life has always been about money and they just didn't know due to how poor they were.


In the beginning of the play Ruth and Walter are having a conversation but Ruth doesn't want to hear what Walter has to say. She continued to try to change the subject by telling him to eat his eggs before they got cold. The happening of this event angered Walter and sent the two into an argument causing Walter to slam the eggs all over. Walter's egg symbolize how much of a mess his relationship with Ruth has become and how chaotic the family is.

In the beginning and end of the play Mama mentioned her plant very often. The plant represented her dream to have her own home someday and finally grow a garden. She waited several years to finally be able to achieve her dream sadly after losing her husband. She was very persistent and continued to nurture the plant after it began to wither, providing evidence that she never give up on whats important to her.

Throughout the play sunlight is presented to have a significant importance. The Youngers' small apartment have very little sunlight that shined into the place which didn't make them happy. When Mama explained to the family that she purchased a new house Ruth's first response was based on the sunlight. To the family the sunlight symbolized hope for a bright new future for everyone.

Each selected symbol can be connected back to the thesis for similar reasons. It proves that although the family started off kind of dis functional with one another, they were all able to reach a place of comfort in their lives.


In short, Lorraine Hansberry indicates that the American dream is attainable for the Younger's in certain ways. Although each family member wanted to do better for themselves in some way they were all able to happy with the final outcome. They may not have tons of money to support themselves without working, but they were able to reach Mama's dream of living in her own house. Therefore, the American Dream is attainable because the family was satisfied with their lives.

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