Kavren's Portfolio

By: Kavren Birdsell

All about me

My names is Kavren Birdsell. I don't really have much to say but here is some things about me. Here are some things I like to do I like to play video games and watch netflix in my free time. Some other things I like to do is ride my dirt bike.


This is my self-esteem test score. When I took this test I scored 81 out of 100. Some characteristics of scoring 81% is ability to deal with rejection.
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Positive or negative

This is the positive or negative test. I scored in the middle of positive or negative. A characteristic of scoring 32%-50% is optimistic, positive, and rational thinking.
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Learning style

This is the learning style test. When I took this test I scored 60% auditory. Some characteristics of auditory is hearing, listening, and a easier time understanding
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What career type is right for me.

This is the what career is right for me test. The highest recommended career fro me was Mental-Refining Furnace Operators and Tenders.
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ESTP test

This is the Jung Typology Test. When I took this test I scored Extravert 11% Sensing 12% Thinking 12% Perceiving 11%. Some characteristics of the ESTP having slight preference of Extraversion over Introduction. And having slight preference of Sensing over Intuition.
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What side of the brain do i use.

In this test you see what side of the brain do you use. I use 62% of my right side of my brain. Some characteristics of being right brained. Is images, chaos, creativity, fantasy, intuition, and curiosity.
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What color your personality is.

My personality color is black. Some characteristic of a black personality is power, individuality, simplicity, mystery, an intense spirituality.
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