Australian attraction

knowing the information and true story of our attraction


Uluru was created by the two boys who were travelling and began building this huge mound made out of mud. When they have finished the slide down and looked how high it really is. It is the largest rock ever made in Australia and is now an attraction for the entire tourist to see the Uluru.

The Blue Mountain

The blue mountain was made by 3 sisters that were once a human but got turned into three mountain that are now called the Blue Mountain today. They are now standing silently and watch around to find the magic bone so that they can turn into aboriginal girls again. This is a dream time story that the aboriginal people tell through generation through generation.

picture of Blue mountain

Jenolan Cave

Gurangatch lived deep in the waterhole and this hunter guy called Mirrigan that was trying to poison the witch that lived in the Gurangatch. The witch then left and every time the two would meet they would fight in under the Gurangatch to dig deeper into the ground. Pretty soon they have created a cave breaking right through the mountains.

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