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Pizza Party!

Please join us in celebrating week 6 with a pizza party at lunch time. We will be picking up pizza at Costco. The cost will be $1.00 per slice or you can purchase a whole pizza for $11.00. This will cover the cost of the pizza and tax. I will donate the remainder (which will not be much) to the church. Please be sure you have the appropriate amount of cash with you on Monday morning.

Order your pizza here:

Snacks and water bottles

Please be sure you are sending quiet, mess-free snacks with your child and water bottles with water only. We can all get out of the rooms much quicker if there is less mess.

Foundations to Challenge

In science, help children repeat what they use, what they do, what they see, and what they learn. This will teach them the basics of the scientific method, which will prepare them to write high school lab reports that include a research question, a procedure, materials, results, and a conclusion. In addition, the three cycles of memory work allow them to cover biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and earth science in preparation for their high school science courses.

Student Interview: What is Challenge I?

Picture Day

School picture day is Monday! Shaina Herrmann will be taking pictures this week. If you did not get a order form last week she will have more available on Monday.

Students must be supervised by an adult at all times!

Break Week

We will not be meeting for Community Day on October 26th. I had a few questions about what to do at home on this week. You do not need to move on. I would highly recommend reviewing the past six weeks. Duplicate some of the review games your tutor has done in class. If you have a CC Connected account, check out some of the review games on there. I just saw a C1opoly game was posted. I think we will be checking that out!!

Enjoy the break with your kiddos!

Classical Conversations Preposition Song

Subs needed

We could use a couple more parents who are willing to sub for our tutors. Two of our contracted tutors will be out on maternity leave in the 2nd semester and we have only one sub. Please consider how/where you could help.

Tin Whistle

We will begin our 6 weeks unit on the tin whistle on November 2. Don't forget to pack your tin whistle in your backpacks. If you do not have one yet, be sure to order one for each student soon. You can purchase them through the book store. If you get one somewhere else be sure it is the key of D.

"Learning should inspire joy bound with constant astonishment at the marvels of creation. Learning should breathe life into us--ignite our imaginations and inspire us to share the ideas we learn with people we love. The joy of learning begins in the home, with the entire world as our classroom. I believe children learn best when their parents and teachers are their heroes." Leigh Bortins, The Core