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September 21, 2020

Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Hello Elger Bay Families,

There are two very important items I would like to bring to your attention. Please take the time to review both of these, and pass along these communications to any of your EBE parent partners who may not have seen this Email or the survey Email to all families dated 9.11.20.

1. Please, please, please. If you have not yet completed the Hybrid or Continuous Learning survey that was sent to your Email on September 11, please do so immediately. We have followed up with calls to try and get everyone's decision, but we still have about 30 students for whom we cannot yet determine a plan. If it is easier for you to call the office and let them know your preference, the number is 360.629.1290.

2. Last week, some of you forwarded questions that were echoed by several other parents here and at other schools. If that is you...please be sure to read the article that follows, answering what will happen in regard to the implications of your decision.

Important FAQs re Hybrid / Continuous Learning Model Transitions Coming

The District shared information on Friday regarding the transition plan for our in-person hybrid model. These are the most frequently asked questions with answers.

If this information changes your choice on the Selection for Hybrid or Distance Learning survey you completed last week, please contact our office at 360.629.1290 or Email Janet Peterson, EBE registrar, jpeterson@stanwood.wednet.edu, by Monday, 4:30.

Q: Will my student stay with the same teacher if I select the hybrid model or Continuous Learning?

A: Approximately 20 percent of students appear to be selecting distance learning. As a result, approximately 20 percent of our teachers will become distance learning teachers. Therefore, students who select hybrid and currently have a teacher who stays with distance learning will transition to a new teacher. Likewise, students who select distance learning and currently have a teacher who becomes a hybrid teacher, will also need to transition to a new teacher. At this point, we anticipate that about two-thirds of our students will remain with their current teacher

Q: If we go back to all Continuous Learning 2.0, will my child have to switch teachers again?

A: No. Students will stay with the teacher assigned on October 5 when we begin the hybrid model.

Q: If we move to Step 3 in which all students move to a hybrid model, what happens if my student has a teacher from another building? Will my student have to go to a different school? Will the district be providing transportation?

A: The district will do everything possible to keep Continuous Learning students with their current teachers if we move to Step 3 (hybrid model for all students). We will balance classes and follow agreements made with our teachers’ association. If we move to Step 3, parents may be given the option to stay at their neighborhood school or stay with their current teacher in a different school. Transportation will be provided if the district requires a student to attend a school other than their neighborhood school.

Q: What is the protocol if there is a student or staff member who has a confirmed case of COVID?

A: If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID that person will isolate for the period of 10 days from the positive test result. Before returning from school, they must be symptom-free and not have a fever for 24 hours. The health department will determine who was deemed to be in close contact, who will need to quarantine and for how long. A close contact is defined as being within 6 feet (2 meters) of a person with COVID for about 15 minutes.

Q: My child currently attends in the afternoon two days per week. Will this continue if he/she attends a hybrid class?

A: The afternoon sessions will still be available for small groups of students who previously have been served in person, but only for grades 4-12. Group sizes may be increase to 10-12 students.

Q: What metrics are being used and what level do they have to keep at or below?

A: The following metrics are used by the Health Districts to determine our ability to reopen schools in a hybrid model:

  • Rate per 100,000 of newly diagnosed cases over a two week period.

  • This number must be between 25-75 and either flat or trending downward.

  • It is currently at 43.5 in Snohomish County and 8.3 in Island County.

Q: When will a final decision on hybrid versus remote learning be made?

A: Our decision to phase in elementary level students into the hybrid model has been made. We are meeting with Dr. Spitters on Tuesday, September 22. The decision to transition to the hybrid model will only change if there is an increase in cases or the guidance from the health district changes. We are waiting for further direction from the health district regarding our secondary schools.

Q: If the hybrid model is actually started, what if the metrics go back up above that level? Would things then switch back to all remote learning again?

A: If the metrics go back up, we would discuss the situation with the health district and then decide if we should move back to Continuous Learning 2.0. Students will remain with the same teachers as they had during the hybrid model.

In closing, please know that these decisions are not made lightly by the district. Likewise, we recognize how difficult this decision is for families. Our decisions are based solely on the recommendations from health authorities because safety is our number one priority followed closely by what we feel provides the best education for our students.

SCSD Friday Message to Parent Emails, 9.11.21 (repeated again here)

September 11, 2020

Good evening families,

Today is Patriot Day and marks the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Today is set aside to honor those who lost their lives. Patriot Day also provides us the opportunity to consider what we stand for as a nation and how we can work together to make the world a better place for all.

Reopening Updates

On Tuesday, Dr. Christopher Spitters of the Snohomish County Health District announced to school superintendents that schools could begin to reopen in a hybrid model beginning first with younger students. His guidance for schools is as follows:

“In summary, a reasonable approach for the time being is to wait for at least three weeks of observation following both the Labor Day holiday and the re-opening of schools in their current configuration. If at that time COVID-19 activity in the school and community remains stable or improving and a review of the considerations set forth above is favorable, then proceeding with incremental returns of elementary school students to in person learning at your discretion is acceptable to the Health District. I urge you to continue to allow adequate time (e.g., at least three weeks) between increments in order to detect untoward effects prior to making the next move in your planned sequence.”

He goes on to provide additional guidance for middle and high school students:

“Aside from high-needs students in small (e.g., ≤5), cohorted groups attending middle and high school in person, this letter communicates no current recommendation or guidance for returning to in person learning by middle and high school students. The Health District finds that teenage students:

• have higher rates of COVID-19 than younger children;

• are probably more likely to spread COVID-19 if infected; and

• as a group, appear to face fewer challenges in remote learning.

Given these factors, the Health District recommends middle and high schools continue to operate remotely (aside from special- or high-needs students).”

Given this updated guidance, the district will be moving to Step II of our Phase In process (see attachment) and anticipates reopening under the following presumptions:

  • If metrics remain constant or go down, students K-3 will be taught in a face-to-face hybrid model beginning on October 5th, 2020.

  • If metrics remain constant or go down, students grades 4-5 will begin face-to-face on October 26th, 2020.

  • Students will be scheduled in an AA/BB hybrid model by alpha group.

    • Students in the AA Cohort will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    • Students in the BB Cohort will attend school on Thursdays and Fridays.

    • Students will attend for a full-day (9:00AM-3:30PM) including Kindergarten.

    • Approximately half of students will be in a classroom at a time to minimize contacts.

  • Families will be kept in the same Cohort.

  • Schools will do their best to accommodate families' Cohort preference (AA or BB).

  • Families are asked to commit to either hybrid or continuous learning

  • Transportation will be provided following typical district guidelines.

  • Masks and social distancing guidelines will be adhered to.

Special Education:

  • Beginning September 21st our ASSIST program at Utsalady Elementary will begin in-person instruction for full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Beginning September 23rd students in the special education resource programs (K-12) will have the opportunity to attend on Wednesdays. This will continue in addition to added hybrid model instruction.

  • Beginning October 1st our PBS program at Elger Bay Elementary will begin in-person instruction for full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • Beginning October 1st our Pre-school program at Stanwood Elementary school will begin in-person instruction in a two day per week model.

Families will be surveyed regarding their preferences on Monday, September 14.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this information.

School Pictures...Drive Thru Edition

Firefly Images is excited to offer a "drive-thru" picture day and look forward to seeing your students on the other side of our camera, 6 feet away of course.

Pictures will be taken Wednesday, September 29 or Friday, October 2 between 2:30 and 6:00.

This is a "by appointment" event for students in grades 1-5. Kindergarten students will be photographed at school during an in-person day. Sign-up up for your day/time using this link: https://fs4.formsite.com/FireFly/0x8p2ocz7r/index.html

You have two options available to order pictures. The order form is attached and can be printed and sent with your student. Just staple cash, check or money order to the form.

Order online using a credit card: https://fs4.formsite.com/FireFly/kgg3a9ebvi/index.html If you use this method, no other form is needed. Just send your receipt/confirmation with your student when they come forward to the camera.

Photos will be taken in the small southwest covered area down by the kindergarten rooms which will allow parents to park very close and allow students to go forward in order to maintain social distancing.

EBE Photo Day Flyer - Firefly Photography

This button is the LINK for Elger Bay's picture day order form.

G1 - G5 Small Group Student Supplies to Bring (Repeated)

Some of you who are sending your child to school on Monday or Tuesday afternoon for small groups may be wondering what your child should bring. Bottom line is we really are keeping things very minimal. Students in G1-G5 coming for small group should bring the following:

- their assigned chromebook and charger (if they have one assigned already)

- backpack

- paper, pencil, and folder for papers

- personal water or water bottle

Important Upcoming Dates

September 9

Teacher Office Hour / Student Support Google Meet - Times vary based on classroom

September 10

First Day of K - In person -Group B 9:00-11:30

September 14

First Day of K - In person - Group A 9:00-11:30

Students without internet and small groups 1:00-3:30 (M/Th Groups)

September 15

Students without internet and small groups 1:00-3:30 (T/F Groups)

September 23

Resource Room Wednesday Support Groups 9:00-12:45PBS

October 1

PBS In Person Full Days Begin (M/T/Th/F)

September 29 and October 2- SAVE THE DATE

Firefly Student and Staff Pictures (See articles above)

Grab and Go Meal Pre Order Form (LINK)

Read the Article Below for More Information.

Grab and Go Meals

Due to a recent USDA waiver extension, we are now able to offer FREE meals to children 18 years and under, until December 31st or when funding runs out.

Stanwood Camano School District (SCSD) Food Services Department is excited to provide FREE weekly Grab and Go meal pick-up for all children in our community 18 years and under.

A Grab and Go Meal consists of both breakfast, lunch, and milk.

With the USDA waiver extension, we are able to provide meals for a full week, including Saturday and Sunday. Seven-day meal bags will begin on September 11th.

The pre-order form is linked here. Read more information on the district website.

Parent Tech Hotline Hours Expanded Temporarily

SCSD Parent Tech Hotline

weekdays, 9:00 - 3:00

(360) 403-3966

Daily Schedule of Google MEETs by Grade Level

If you are having difficulty connecting, please Email your teacher directly as a first step.