Joan Rivers fashion & comedy life

fashion & comedy

Comedy life 😂

Comedy: Led the pathway for women in comedy today & she often said to the celebrity to take the insult like her comedy. Later in her life she used her ability to make people laugh to the finest. How you ask? She used it in fashion to either there make a nice comment with a joke or two about someone's outfit or to make a downright awful comment but she said it in a way that made people laugh.

Fashion Life 👗

Fashion: Joan in her later years was a fashion role model. She starred in the E tv channel show Fashion Police and she also was basically on the red carpet every time there was an award show. She even had her own tv channel were you could buy the clothes she wore at a reasonable price.

My main Joan Rivers question

Question: How would the world be different if Joan Rivers never got into fashion or comedy?

Opinion answer: I think many things would be different many women in comedy would never be able to speak their mind and the rules of fashion would be changed a lot. Also many people on the E network show Fashion Police would probably not be In the career position they are now.

Joan Rivers short biography

Joan Rivers was born in 1933. Little did she know she would be a huge success she grew up in New York City And then went to high school and college at 23 she ran away from home to become an actress. Her big break came in 1965 on The Tonight Show and she soon got invited to other shows such as Ed Sullivan show and many other shows too. Finally in the 1980's she was offered her own show. After that her career took off she was the star of the E tv show Fashion Police and was on the red carpet tons and was the fashion icon of the century. But sadly Joan died last year in 2014. She will be missed.